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Package 3: Design only.

  • This is to suit clients who want total control of their website.

  • This is not recommended for internet novices. Only clients who are fully competent in HTML (and appropriate dynamic scripting language), FTP, website hosting and manipulation of web pages should consider this option.

  • You may chose to add other options at any time.

  • Delivery options:
    • the site can be FTP'ed to the server of your choice (full access to the client server must be granted).
    • CD containing the website will be sent through the post to your address (additional charge applies).
    • if the site is small enough, it can be compressed into a ZIP file and emailed to you.GreenSmurf Web Designs - professional web solutions at affordable prices


  • Once delivery of the website has been made, it is entirely the responsibility of the client.
  • GreenSmurf Web Designs are not responsible for the provision of software to facilitate FTP data transfer for website code editing.

  • If a further copy of the site is required this can be provided at an additional charge up to 12 months after the site completion date, after this, no backup will be held.
  • Please read our full terms and conditions.


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